Bear and Burton's Breakfast Sauce

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Breakfast Sauce™ can be served directly out of the bottle for convenient dipping or drizzled on to foods for a satisfying taste sensation. Whether you are dipping a fresh fried potato or brushing an ample helping onto sizzling bacon, this zippy 12oz blend will take your flavor to the next level. Breakfast Sauce™ is the balanced melding of traditional soy, citrusy pineapple, flavorful onion and snappy bell peppers, giving it a well-rounded zest.

Bear and Burton's Breakfast Sauce will take your taste buds on an adventure! Rich, umami flavors of soy, pineapple, onion and bell peppers blend perfectly to create a zesty, tongue-tingling sensation. Serve it straight from the bottle for easy dipping, or slather it on your favorite breakfast foods to kick start your day. Try Bear and Burton's Breakfast Sauce and taste the difference!