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This is Jim, Teri's husband again. :) A few years ago, my wife mentioned to me that there was this new company who had a training fuel called Tailwind. For me, I was curious about how it worked. The information came from a blogger who my wife knew in Madison, WI. She talked about how this fuel was great at helping replenish electrolytes and did not contribute to gut issues while running. I did some research and learned that the founder, Jeff, created Tailwind after he experienced gut issues while finishing the Leadville 100. I was intrigued with how he started and tested his product. He tweaked, tested and tweaked some more. 

To me, this was curious as I never struggle with gut issues. So I on a whim, I tried some. Whoa! I love the product.  I love their product:). Since using Tailwind, I have run 7 different full marathons and I use it for Hockey. I have dabbled with both Tailwind varieties (decaffeinated and caffeinated). I prefer the caffeinated versions for longer runs. When I run full marathons, my pace is a twelve minute mile, so I am out on the course for a long time. I take 6+ tailwind packets. No gut issues and it powers me through races.

Buy some today, it will make you happy. Whether you cycle, run, walk or play hockey: Tailwind will help you replenish your electrolytes, just add water. Get some today!

I am so hooked, that I buy the big bags now. If you have tried Tailwind, let us know by commenting on this post! 


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