In a cooking rut? This might help you break out!

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Hello my name is Jim and my wife owns the Calico Bean market. Just like you, I am spending more time at home and doing some cooking. Personally, I struggle with getting into cooking “ruts”.

General Tso's Simmer Sauce, Simply Organic

I love food and diversity of food. For this reason, I want to wow my family with good lunches and dinner. It makes me feel great knowing the family is happy with the food I prepare. Mixing it up and surprising my family with a dinner outside of my comfort zone is so fun.

Naturally, I was ecstatic when the Calico Bean Market started stocking simmer sauces. They check the box for me in three ways:

  1. Easy to make + quick!
  2. Quality of food which allows me to mix it up and delight my family!
  3. Cost effective- BOOM!

Madras Curry Simmer Sauce, Simply Organic

This upcoming week, I am going to videotape my cooking success to share it with you. I am looking forward to the Pad Thai, General Tso’s and all the others!

Check them out here:


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