Dip Mixes will make you a HIT at the Summer party!

Posted by Jim Connely on

Alright, alright! I love to attend parties where people are talking about the dish we brought and my friends ask "how did you make it"? Well with these four dip mixes you can't go wrong! I ranked them in order of my preference and the party response:

1. Cucumber Dill Mix: People LOVE this dip! It is a fan favorite and can please everyone. This dip mix will make you a star, people think it is homemade!


2. Southwestern Dip Mix: BOOM SHAKKA LAKKA. This one is my personal favorite. I am a spice lover and this one delivers such a nice balance of flavor and impact! 


3. French Onion Dip: Holy smokes this one is full of flavor. Just crank out the crackers or potato chips and watch out. 


4. Bacon Lettuce and Tomato (BLT) Dip Mix: There is NOTHING more summer out there and your fans will hug you with this one. I should have ranked it #1. Too many choices. :) 


Try one of these dip mixes today and let us know how many high fives, hugs and compliments you get! 


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